RN Ramon – Malbec


Ramon Malbec : 2014 – Dry
100% Malbec
Aging -18 months in new French oak barrels.

The Vineyards: Manually-picked and harvested in a plot called “Sheizaf”, 800 meters high in the Negev Highlands.

The Winemaking Process – The fermentation process occurs in cold temperature stainless steel tanks in order to preserve the scents and flavours of the fruit. When this process is complete, the wine is soaked on grape peels in cold temperatures for a period of two weeks, to make the most of the aroma and flavours of the peel. After that, the wine undergoes initial decantation and ageing for about 18 months in new French oak barrels. Then, the wine is roughly filtered in order to preserve as much as possible the aroma and tastes after which it is bottled and kept in the winery for a period of six months before going on the market.

Characteristics: The Malbec variety is surprising in the fact that it adapts extraordinarily to the desert of the Negev climate in Israel.  Despite the extreme temperature differences and the difficult growth conditions, the winemakers were able to maintain the characteristics of the grapes making it possible  to produce a great Malbec wine, medium- full bodied, with a strong aroma and a deep mesmerizing colour.

Serving Recommendation: The wine is recommended for drinking at a temperature of 16 degrees. The wine should be accompanied by fatty meat dishes such as entrecôte, lamb chops, lamb pie, pasta with pesto and spinach.

Negev Desert Israeli kosher wine/food-Geneva, Switzerland
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